One of The Comfort Group’s core values centres on the growing sustainability story. We’re constantly working to create products & practices that are gentler on the planet. We use and recycle foams and offcuts from all our New Zealand factories to produce carpet underlay for Sleepyhead Flooring. And also in New Zealand, our spring offcuts aren’t wasted but sent to steel manufacturer Pacific Steel to be reused in steel and wire products.

In 2019, TCG launched Project Zero across all our markets. Project Zero is the journey we are undertaking towards a more sustainable future as a leading Australasian business. Our environmental footprint is now part of the design process for our product ranges starting with a fully recyclable mattress range in New Zealand through to pillows made of Ecoloft fibre that’s made from plastic bottles destined for landfill.

In Australia, we were one of the founding companies to launch Soft Landing – a social initiative where mattresses are collected and recycled.

And in our product, we’re ensuring many of our mattress ranges are made of organic and natural fibres. This includes sustainable latex sourced from Sri Lanken rubber trees as well as cottons, silks, wools and Cashmere. Our bed bases too are made of locally sourced woods like pine that are sourced from sustainably accredited suppliers.


In both New Zealand and Australia, we are locally made and manufactured with a strong focus on the lives of our employees and communities around our factories. We’re proud to be New Zealand and Australian Made and have a long history of a commitment to local manufacturing, sponsorship and economic development. In New Zealand, our strong Sleepyhead brand has seen it voted as New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand 2014-2020, with SleepMaker in New Zealand earning a highly commended for the past six years. In Australia, SleepMaker has a strong market share and clear voice as an Australian Made mattress brand.

The Comfort Group is a proud premium sponsor of the Farmers Santa parade and we enjoy supporting this hugely iconic event in Auckland.

Our People

The Comfort Group has a long legacy of nurturing and looking after its workforce to the extent that staff feel they are part of a wide & inclusive family. New Zealand machinist Tai Pito recently celebrated 45 years at the company. Online comments around her milestone included: “I have heard only good things about Sleepyhead and how they look after their staff.” She’s not alone – the company annually awards dozens of staff who have been in the company for 10 years or more.

In 2018, The Comfort Group introduced Learning Edge to help achieve a greater level of expertise in its factories. It was implemented to encourage and motivate a learning culture across factory staff that ranges from core skills training to a NZ Certificate in Business.